Some Things I Want to Do Before I Die:

mustangs1. Build an aquaponic gardening system in my kitchen
2. Ride in a helicopter
3. Fly a helicopter
4. A real cattle-drive through Montana or the Dakotas
5. Ride alongside the last remaining wild mustangs
6. Camp in the old growth forests in the pacific northwest
7. Own a Friesian (the Widowmaker)
8. Raise chickens
9. Build my own apiary
10. Tour Southeast Asia
11. Go on a photo-safari after lions
12. Dig up my own dinosaur bone
13. Spend a night at the Myrtles Plantation
14. Take a houseboat through the Everglades
15. Tour the Grand Canyon on horseback
16. Make an heirloom crazy quilt by hand
17. Spend a week in a treehouse in Central America or the Amazon
18. Go to Venice for Carnivale
19. Live off my land (and own it, too!)
20. Read the whole Bible–not just Revelation


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