Why Grandmother, what big eyes you have!



…So I was reading the news the other day when I happened upon this article in the New York Times:  \”Do big-eyed contact lenses pose health threat?\”.  And what do I do upon reading it?  Go directly to TokioShine.com and order them, of course!  Now, we all saw the Bad Romance video.  I haven’t been so excited about a music video since “Thriller,” and I was like, four!  If I came away with anything from Gaga’s video, it was this:  I could not rest until I had a polar bear robe of my own, and some great, big, anime-eyed contacts.

This article not only reminded me of said desire, it even gave me the means by which to order said contacts.  Sick!  Will update when my new EOS Max Pure Greys arrive…


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