Better than the History Channel…

For a synthetic adrenaline rush (read: real adrenaline, but no real threat to you, the viewer), watch the following video.  It’s 27 minutes long, and incredibly charming.  Just a warning though; it’s stressful.


Anyone who’s owned a pet rat will be reminded of it when they watch this man effortlessly scaling walls and girders, and stealing lithely down into the dark, unknown to so many of us.  This video is sick.

Kinda makes me relieved I just moved to Wisconsin–knowing all that was below me in NYC (and was missing out on) would make me sick with curiosity, and it would only be a matter of time until I tried this myself…

Thank you, Andrew Wonder, for this fantastic video.  And thank you, Steve Duncan, for being the lunatic to show us the way.  🙂


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