The power to do this at home?! SHUT. UP!!!!

So… I like to keep up on the newest creative technologies out there.  I pride myself on being a human encyclopedia for knowing how to make a project from the ground up.  For awhile I did a lot of research on laser cutters, thinking that sooner or later, I’d be investing in one.  Then along came Ponoko, and I didn’t need to have my own anymore.

Then I saw this.

… Hel—loooo, NURSE!  I think I’m in love.  Just imagine the possibilities!  So many beautiful things… so little time!!!

I’m turning into my father–only I acquire sewing equipment while he hoards power tools.  I just can’t seem to get enough to be satisfied.  How could I when they keep coming out with stuff like this?!  I keep thinking, every time I see a new thing, “If I had this machine I could rule the world!”  … and then I get totally distracted by the next big thing only moments after the nice red-bearded FedEx guy has left the previous thing at my door.  ::Sigh::  Such is life.

Another White Rotary: the carving reminds me of my Grandfather's cuckoo clock. I couldn't love it any more!

It’s that very pathology that drove my most recent acquisition–and I must say,if it was not the best, then it was one of the best purchases I have ever made.  I got myself a 1917 White Rotary treadle foot machine.  Yessir, when this country goes to Martial Law (and you. mark. my. words. it. will.) and we lose all electricity… I can still make perfectly beautiful handbags.  And trench coats… and tents… and whatever else might need to be sewn in a post-apocalyptic world.

Neuroses aside, I’m very glad I bought it–and for $80, it was an absolute steal!!  Never have I seen one in such beautiful condition–cycles like butter, oooh, how I LOVE her!  Sadly, I had to leave her home when I came back to NYC, and before I could even make anything!!  Sometimes I dream of her… tread-ling softly…

Sorry.  She’s quite distracting.  Anyway, I’m curious…  what’s your next dream tool?  Can be anything, any discipline… just curious… I’d be interested to see what everyone else is lusting after…


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