Onward and upward??

So… I have graduated.  Onward to greater things… boy is it scary!!  I was so bummed for school to be over, and yet so ready for a little downtime.

Today was my first day at my new internship.  It was pretty great.  The people I’ll be working with seem very down-to-earth, we can wear jeans to work, and oh, the beautiful, beautiful boots!!  Not to mention the handbags!  I spent most of the day in the showroom, unpacking samples that came back from factories for next week, when they’ll be shown to the buyers.   It was fabulous!

We also did some sketches based on samples that had come back from the factory.  I got a tour of the design office, as well as the showroom–I think I’m gonna learn a whole lot.  I’m very excited to get down and dirty with the whole design process.  More to come; stay tuned!


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