An end in sight…

So the deadline for senior exhibition came… two of my pieces are now in the display case in C-Building lobby, and I’m thrilled.  One is the house-shaped box bag I’ve posted so much of, and the other is the woven straw bag (there’s also a pair of sunglasses I played around with for a competition, but I’m really not happy with them).

I had thought I’d submit a pump to go with my line-building bags, but as the deadline got closer, I thought, “Why worry so much?  If you don’t have a shoe in the display case, it’s really no big deal.”  Plus, I might have made myself crazy only to find out that the shoe hadn’t made it in anyway (each piece was judged by a panel for submission).  Nope, I’m glad I didn’t rush… now I can concentrate just a bit more on making a quality pump.

Still, there are only 18 days left (EEEK!!!), and I still have to make 2.5 pairs of shoes/boots, finish my accordion bag, and make 2 belts.  This does not include all of the spec sheets that go with each of these items.  Tonight, I’m rushing to get my line building mood board, materials page, color renderings of each of the four-piece collection, and specs of each done for submission for the Exhibition book–all are due on Friday.  They will reside in a flip book to accompany the exhibition–basically a showcase for showing off all of our hard work this past semester.

To keep myself sane, I’ve started to keep a notebook filled with lists of things to do each day of the upcoming week.  It’s gone so far as to included things I’ll need in class just so I can pack everything the night before and not feel harried in the morning and arrive to class missing things I need to get my work done.  That’s how bloody frazzled I am.

I am hoping the remaining weeks will be better as far as being productive.  I don’t anticipate any more assignments, and I don’t have to worry about interviewing/preparing for interviews for the time being, as I’ve secured a Product Development internship with my favorite boot company (handbags division–AWESOME!!!).   I have wanted to work with this company since I decided to go into accessories, and am positively THRILLED to get this internship.  The only thing is, it’s unpaid, and that hurts.

This company made boots for Union and Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. Talk about a legacy!

From June 1st to August 13, I’ll be working a full-time job and not seeing any income.  This practice is very common in the fashion industry, and though I’m confidant I could find a paying position somewhere else, this company is right up my alley.  The leather they use is exquisite, and I feel I could learn exactly what I want to learn through this position.  I don’t have to worry about compromising my eco-values by working for a company that uses synthetics–this is what I was hoping for.

I just hope poverty suits me.  I’ve gotta say, starving means skinny; so there’s an upside, yeah?


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