All work and no play…

Finally finished. Line Building #1.

Box Bag Project: almost done. Just needs a lining...

Notice the tab of fabric that has been sewn to the outer leather hinge piece and then pulled through and glued on the inside (for strength).

Side lining has been turned onto stay paper, and side gussets sewn on. Side lining is then glued to inside of bag.

Final lining fabric turned onto stay paper--will glue into bag as final step.

*Note the pretty accordion pocket! 🙂 I could have finished this project on Wednesday, but unfortunately, this piece doesn’t fit so well (the patterns were due last week, so I had to finish them and hand them in before I could glue in the side lining.  Murphy’s Law did its part to make sure that the thickness of the wool plaid would seriously affect the dimensions of the final lining piece–making it too large.  So, I had to rip it out and glower over the fact that it just couldn’t be done until this coming Monday when I can ask my teacher to lend me the pattern just long enough to fix my mistake and re-cut… and re-sew the pocket… and re-glue.  ::Sigh:: I was really hoping to have something done by this weekend!  Phooey.

Will have more pics for you soon.  I’m in shoe-land this weekend.


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