My First Belt!

Just had to show off my simple (but sweet!) first belt project.  I didn’t have much of this leather, but I loved it so much… luckily it was a long and skinny piece.  The kind that’s perfect for a belt, that is!  It’s a raw-edge belt with bonded leather sandwiched between the top layer (“New Look” finish leather) and the side that lies against the body (the sueded side of the same leather).  The layers are glued first, then cut, then sewn (with a 1/16th edgefoot–GET ONE OF THESE!) and riveted.  Fabulous!  I’m excited to make a few more!


Swing Kids!

So Friday, school was canceled due to inclement weather.  I spent the day trying to catch up on my line building (I’d missed class the day before because I was busy fighting WWIII with my dirty, slovenly, vapid and entirely soulless suitemates).  Anyway, the straw that I’d been soaking to work with on Thursday was overdue and I needed to start it Friday, even without guidance from my teacher.

Rectangular Base

I used a cardboard box to pin my weaving onto (I had bought straw braid from Manhatco–a millinery supply store).  My intent was to spiral the braid to form a circular front and back for a handbag.  The straw braid, however, was having none of it.  It simply didn’t look good.  Instead, I found a very pleasant way to build up the base of a bag by first weaving a long skinny rectangle, and then building up the sides at a right angle.  It’s quite pleasant, I think… completely changes my original design, but still… maybe an improvement…  I have to wait until I’m in a classroom with a high post machine to sew it (I’ll just use regular #69 Bonded Nylon thread, in case you were wondering).

Building up the sides.

Ready to sew!

Box Bag in process...

In other news, I’m finally making headway on my box bag for handbags class.  It features a house that I drew on Adobe Illustrator and then had printed on fabric.  I also embroidered little vines and appliqued little velvet “flowers” on the vines.  It’s supposed to look like the witch’s house in Hansel and Gretel.  My line building theme drew heavily from Grimm’s Fairy Tales (back when childrens’ stories were meaningful and effective), so I wanted to continue with that theme even though it’s for a different class.

If you’re interested in getting your designs printed on fabric, there are quite a few outlets (and they are very reasonable) for you to explore.  If you’re an FIT student, you may have your designs printed right in our very own PrintFX Lab, on the 5th floor in D-Building.  Prices for fabric printing range from $12-$20 per linear foot (this is not the best price, but it is decidedly the quickest).  Check out their list of services here:

I’m working on getting a resource list together for more options for printing your own fabric.  This may come in very handy for those of you eager to print your own lining fabrics, sew-in labels, plush keychains, etc… the list is endless!  And very exciting.

As for fun, this weekend was packed!  Friday I had the BEST pizza so far in NYC–Two Boots.  So if you get the chance, definitely try it!  Saturday we all met up to go swing dancing at Swing 46 (46th Street between 8th and 9th) for a classmate’s birthday celebration.  $15 cover (for the EXCELLENT live band) and drinks around $9-$10.  I had the time of my life!  I’m not much of a swing dancer, but after a whiskey or two, I fell right into it (not literally, thank you).  I much prefer this kind of club–and this kind of dancing–it’s much less… primitive, and I don’t go home feeling sexually harassed. ::laughs::

Anyway, the band was Double Down and they were FABULOUS!  They secured my devotion with two things: first, they did a swingy STP cover which blew my mind (would Scott Weiland approve??  I sure did!).  Then they integrated the finer movements of “Swing Swing Swing” into a song of their own.  The drummer was very good, and the closest thing live I’ve heard yet to Gene Krupa.  There’s no other song that makes me wanna move more than Benny Goodman’s “Swing Swing Swing.”  Can’t wait to take my sister there when she comes to visit!!

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