Japanese Fashion and Pirates’ Booty…

Last Friday FIT held a private (by invitation only) Japanese Fashion Show.  I really resented them plugging it like mad on the main website, only to find that I wasn’t allowed to go unless I was press.  Add the idea of exclusivity to something and I absolutely HAVE to have it…

After calling the press office and attempting to gain an invite through sheer charm alone (which I appear to be short on in NYC) and failing, I decided to do what any red-blooded fashion student/ex-theatre worker would do: sneak in through the basement!  I’ve gotten into countless backstage areas doing this, and met many the headlining band in my highschool days (were they SO TERRIBLY LONG AGO?!).

As it turned out, after sneaking around a bit until 20 mins after the proposed start time, I ended up getting in right through the front door, thanks to a very nice lady with the guest list.  I gave her my name, told her I wasn’t on her list, but since it was so late, did she mind if my friend and I waited along the hallway until it started since not everyone invited had shown up… she was nice as could be and told us we could just go right in and have a seat–YES!!  We hadn’t missed a thing, and the show took a few more minutes to start…

I thought the show was cute, though it wasn’t what I was expecting… it focused very much on Gothic Lolita fashions, which I totally adore, but the cupcake dresses all looked the same to me.  I guess I was hoping for more wardrobe choices.  I apologize for the quality of my pictures–the lighting was terrible for a point-and-shoot. I wish I could have gotten a better one of the songstress who crooned while the models walked–her dress was just beautiful.

We had to wait for the models to change between scenes and the audience was kept busy watching Japanese music videos… some of which were really cheesy.  Upon leaving I realized the show was actually a promotion for a Japanese music label.  I’m grateful for having been let in, but some of the show really dragged due to this feature.  I wish there had been more Harajuku (as it stood there were only a few street fashions).  The last segment featured some very modern-looking kimono, which my friend liked very much but I could’ve done without.

One of the audience members... I LOVED her shoes!!


Cut to this evening, where I headed off to a bead society garage sale.  Long story short, I left feeling like a pirate.  My bag is full of vintage lovelies that sparkle and shine; very appealing to my magpie sensibilities.  I’m looking forward to a day when I can sit down and make some pretty jewelry!!


McQueen is dead…

…Long live McQueen!

::Sigh::  I can’t say much… only that I am as sad as can be about the death of this celebrity that I did not know personally.  I felt such a great loss this morning when the news broke in class–like a rock in the pit of my stomach.

No more of his shining light, no more of his brilliant spectacle!  Never again will we see another jaw-dropping runway show or have the chance to gasp at this Enfant-Terrible’s wicked costuming.  This is the loss I feel for a man I did not know.  I would not dare to claim more.

My heart goes out to those who loved him and to whom he loved–nothing can replace him–God broke the mold.  😦

What a Weekend Should Be

I had a fabulous (albeit short) weekend.  Saturday I woke up, read a little, took a nap (my favorite Saturday activity), read some more, ate a late lunch and headed off to Brooklyn to a classical salon (very artsy!) in Park Slope.  My friend’s quintet was performing an abridged collection of latin music, followed by another quartet playing selections by Rossini.  I had a great time!  The brownstone home where it was held was so intimate and lovely–I absolutely love to hear live music in a house–it makes it so much more special!

Rosewater for organic brunch! Mmm... scrumtrelescent!!

The next day we brunched at Rosewater, a free-range/organic restaurant.  It was SOOOO good!!  I had the fried butternut squash on focaccia with red peppers, goat cheese and chipotle aioli.  I also had the applewood smoked bacon, which was surprisingly incredible!  I mean, I love bacon any way you can serve it to me, but this stuff was really, really good.    Just a tip, if you do go to Rosewater for brunch, be prepared to sit in line a little while, as there was a half-hour wait or so (though well worth it).

Check out their brunch menu here:


Sam and I headed over to the Union Market afterwards, where I scored some organic polenta, and as we headed back to the train, we noticed a beautiful little shop that happened to be open (in Park Slope on a Sunday, no less!) and stopped in to explore.  Dolly Lyla (69 7th Ave, Brooklyn) is a charming boutique filled with millinery confections from bygone eras, and makes me wanna wax poetic for hours about how perfectly sweet the shop owner and her wares were. If you’re a hat person, go here: there are hundreds (no exaggeration!).

She travels all around the world and gathers antique and vintage trims and clothing, selling both the original pieces, as well as beautiful new items made of the old sources; my favorites were her stunning necklaces made of reclaimed french lace and hat florals.  Someday I will treat myself to one when I am not a poor student.

One of the things I liked most about this store is that the owner, Dolly, was so friendly and willing to share all about her wonderful things; how she found her source materials, the background of the pieces, and where they came from.  It was so nice to know that people like her exist in NY–most shopkeepers aren’t that friendly (to me, at least).

She secured her spot on my “cool list” when she suggested we stop by the flea market down the road–right across from the Atlantic Ave train station… so we did… and boy, we were not disappointed!

My spoils...

I scored a pair of antique size 7  lasts–just what I was looking for in my line building class–perfect toe shape, heel height and everything!  Best of all?  They were only $18!!  I also picked up some creepy-cute postcards from the late 20’s, early 30’s depicting colorized kitties.  We finished off our visit with a genuine “Mexicoke,” authentic Mexican Coca-Cola with real cane sugar in a glass bottle (doesn’t pop just taste better in a glass bottle?).

I had a grand old time!  Why can’t every weekend be that fun??   🙂

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