Day 4–I choked!

So dash it all, I spent money today ūüė¶

I must plead the fact that it was not on any incidentals, but on part of a gift I am giving on Saturday. Also, I bought plane tickets for Thanksgiving because I saw how fast the cheap seats were going and panicked. Phooey.

Still, I will try not to spend any money tomorrow just the same. I cannot wait until Saturday–Comet, Sponges, Vitamin Water and cake batter–Hooray! Crap, I just realized I have to buy packing materials for the gift for Saturday.¬† I suppose I could wait until Saturday morning, but that would be cutting it pretty close.

Spent the afternoon purging emails, facebook, and watching the new Project Runway Season 6’s first episode–so cool!

Then a funny thing happened this evening…¬†keeping¬†it short, my¬†long skirt got caught in the bottom¬†of an escalator, and I almost lost it! I’m usually very good about holding my skirt up on stairs, escalators, etc. But my skirt actually got caught before I was at the bottom of the escalator–about four to five feet above the end. I ended up in a desperate struggle with the darn thing trying to rip my skirt from its jaws before I ended up bottomless in Manhattan.¬† The escalator jammed, I turned bright red… and basically skipped outta there pronto.¬† It was kind of an embarassing ride home.

Anyway, these shoes are amazing:


Day 3–Major Orientation

Today I spent $0.00. It was not as easy as yesterday, but it feels good to resist temptation like that. I think more than anything, I miss Vitamin Water. Also, I’d like to get some Comet for the sink and some more sponges. I have to say that I’m glad I’m trying to do this, because it’s helped me to think about what I really need a little bit more–I’m also relieved I only¬†decided to abstain from spending for 5 days!

Aside from that, I had quite a good day. Today was the day of our specialized major orientations. I finally met other people in Accessories Design, and they were also all in the 1-year accelerated program. I was excited to find that most of them are closer to my age, and also much less noisy. I finally felt comfortable in a group since I arrived at FIT (I had really been discouraged, feeling exceptionally old and out-of-place).

I can’t wait to get started with classes on Monday! I’m still wondering if I should cram in just one more class for this semester. There are so many options–millinery is most attractive to me. I will sleep on it and decide tomorrow…

Below are some stacking rings (which¬†I’m very into right now)¬†from–I’m thinking of doing something like this with the stones we dug up in North Carolina… see how they wouldn’t get caught in any sewing/knitting/crocheting/crafty thing one might get into? Very nice!

Natural diamond set - 14k white gold

Day 2–I feel so OLD!!!

Well, here I am, it’s Day 2 and I’ve spent $0.00. HOORAY!! This is actually fun!

I went to a leadership luncheon and there was quite a bit of food left over so I took some more for dinner. Then I spent this evening playing bingo in a common room with a bunch of kids 10 years my junior. Fun. I swear, I wasn’t anywhere NEAR as annoying when I was their age!! ::Sigh:: Sour grapes, I know, I know…¬†

I just hate everyone younger than me–and there’s more and more of them every year!! Just kidding… what I meant to say was MOST of them.

On another subject entirely, I’m worried that I’ll be quite bored after tomorrow, with most of my crafty things still waiting to be delivered to NY. Luckily, I still have my leather tooling supplies here. I’m working on a few ideas for headbands and brooches–with feathers, of course!

Again, one more moment of bliss, compliments of…stiletto cacti planter made from a platform heel

Day One of Orientation

Today for the first time in years, I quite literally spent $0.00.

Allow me to vent my utter glee at this fact–it’s nothing less than exhilarating! This is my first day back in NYC, mind you. Now, before you go thinking I’m starving¬†myself, I’ll admit, I did have some food stored at the apartment from when I was here for summer classes–and yesterday upon my arrival I bought 1 dozen eggs (cage-free organic, of course! Still, nothing compares to Claudia’s), a gallon of Stonyfield milk, and 1 package of butter.

For breakfast I had Life cereal and then I was off to FIT for orientation. Upon arrival at our campus tour, I discovered a table of pre-packaged snacks and promptly pocketed a green tea and rice krispy treat for subsequent snacking. I had packed two granola bars and some saltines to last me through lunch, but this was just the boon I needed to get through until the free barbecue at 6pm. Very exciting. I just kept¬†refilling the Vitamin¬†Water bottle I’d¬†bought at the airport yesterday with tap water.¬†The only time I was hungry was while I was stuck in the giant auditorium (no eating or drinking allowed–and security enforced it) for a few hours for AAS degree info and IT demos. I know that most of this not-spending-money thing was through no hard-put effort on my part, but I’m still positively giddy at the thought that I might be able to do this all week (by planning my orientation activities very carefully). This will be my goal: until Friday at midnight, to attempt to spend $0.00 on anything…¬† ::Gulp::!!

One more little thing: shrimp barrette from–LOVE IT!!¬† ūüôā

Shrimp Bobby

Back in NYC

Hello all! I am now back in NYC–flew in this morning and have been attempting to relax and get a handle on organization before my orientation begins at F.I.T. tomorrow. I am very excited to be starting this semester! I’ve got some butterflies in my stomach, even.

I’m planning on participating in¬†many of the optional activities offered along with orientation this week (not the least of reasons being many include a free lunch). Perhaps I’ll be able to meet some people in my major that are around my own age–dare I hope?¬† ūüôā

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