Hello world!

Hello world! Now that I’m in the big city for the summer, I wanted to document what I’ve been doing for those of you who care and who are not also, incidentally, on facebook (or “myface” if you’re my mom).

NYC is amazing. Anything I could possibly want to buy (well, so far) is just a brisk walk or subway ride away (mostly subway rides). It is, however, short on green. If I want to enjoy grass, I literally have to hop on the subway and ride somewhere else. It’s taking quite a bit of getting used to.  At night, I dream of my backyard and the nunnery back home.

My roommate is currently on vacation, and that’s sad for me. I miss her already, and she’s only been gone 2 days! So I’ve tried to fill up my time with constructive things to do. This, so far, has amounted to lots of period movies streaming from Netflix.com, as well as the first season of “30Rock,” which is amazing and I can’t believe I didn’t discover it sooner!! (Kim, if you’re reading this, rent it–you will LOVE it!)

Last night I made plans to get up early and head to a stoop sale in Park Slope, and then onward to the Brooklyn Flea Market. But I ended up only getting to the stoop sale and then stumbling upon one more before I hopped back on the tube to get to the market. When I got off at the stop, I took one look around and headed right back up to the train (a little too sketchy to try without more appropriate running shoes–or a boot knife!). Ah well, next time I will bring a friend or take a cab. My plan was to try and find a pretty replacement for the decanter I broke last week (my roommate has been more than gracious regarding the things I’ve managed to break since I arrived).

Anyhoo… I have found several stores of interest, should anyone ever make it to the city. The first one I went to was a fabric thrift store (yes, they DO exist, isn’t that lovely?!) on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. On my way there I stumbled across an American Apparel sidewalk sale and picked up a pair of $42 eelskin-like leggings for $12!! Very exciting (I know you’re jealous, Denise, just admit it, you’ve been wanting these ever since you saw them in my Italian Vogue)! 🙂

Leggings!!!Very nice, non? (Wish my bum looked like that in them!)

Then I arrived at my destination, Baltic Bazaar Thrift at 141 Atlantic in Brooklyn.  I totally love it!  They have mostly upholstery fabrics, but a good amount of vintage yardage and silk samples, as well. I spent most of my time there scouring through the sample rack, where I was able to pick up a bunch of pretty silks for $2 a card. These look like they lived a past life in a sales booth (like PremierVision or something). Each looked to be quite expensive, with fancy beading, embroidery or just gorgeous printing (definitely one or two with dye sub). I snagged a bunch to attempt to make a top with, and then a few more that I just couldn’t leave behind. Also got some periwinkle crepey-drapey fabric (and if I could just find a lighter, I could tell you what its fiber content is!). These samples are like a crazy quilter’s DREAM!!

Here’s a link, btw:  http://www.balticstreet.org/balticbazaar/index.htm 

Pretty Silk Samples

Pretty Silk Samples

Baltic2The lovely things from Baltic…




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